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Terrorism and Barbeque (Al-irhab wal Kabab)

Special Screening

Sherif Arafa / Feature Narrative / Egypt / 1993 / 115 min / Unknown / 35 mm
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama
No Premiere


In this satire of Egypt's frustrating bureaucracy, a worker named Ahmed goes to a huge government complex to pick up forms so he can transfer his son to another school. When clerks ignore him, he's forced to take another day off work to complete the simple task. After a series of mishaps, the hapless Ahmed grabs a security guard's gun and a rumor quickly spreads that terrorists have taken over the complex and taken hostages. The so-called "terrorists" are asked for their demands, and Ahmed requests expensive lamb shish kabobs for everyone in the building . . . Along with some long-overdue respect.


Sherif Arafa
Wahid Hamid
Adel Imam, Yosra, Ahmed Rateb, Mohamed Yousef, Achraf Abdel Baqi, Ahmed Akil

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