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Latifa Al-Darwish, Rouda Al-Meghaiseeb / Short Documentary / Qatar / 2013 / 12 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Comedy, Documentary, Art/Literature, Youth, Creative Bio, Creative Documentary
Qatar Premiere


Abdulaziz – nicknamed Temsah (Arabic for ‘crocodile’) – is driven to express himself through drawing and painting, which has resulted in ‘Skanwah’, the first comic book created in Qatar. ‘Temsah’ follows Abdulaziz as he prepares to visit a comic convention in Dubai, where he hopes to find a publisher for ‘Skanwah’. Along the way, he discusses his life and experiences in Qatar, his inspiration and his hopes for the future.

About the Directors

Latifa Al Darwish is an award-winning independent filmmaker and television producer, who uses animation and documentary formats to tell unheard local stories. She graduated from Northwestern University in Qatar with a BSc in Communication, and studied Culture and the Creative Industries at King’s College London. Her films include ‘Bader’ (co-director, 2012), which was selected for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and ‘Temsah’ (2013), which also appeared at Abu Dhabi. She has also created animations for the @Wransade safe driving campaign and for @3yooznews with the team from Qartoon.

Latifa Al-Darwish and Rouda Al-Meghaiseeb studied Communications at the Northwestern University of Qatar. Al-Darwish co-directed the short film ‘Bader’, which was named Best Film in the Made in Qatar section at the 2012 Doha Tribeca Film Festival.n.


Latifa Al-Darwish, Rouda Al-Meghaiseeb
Rouda Al-Meghaiseeb, Latifa Al-Darwish
Abdulaziz Yousef, Rashid Al-Kuwari, Maryam Al-Muftah

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