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Tangency (Huna Naltakee)

Ajyal Competition

Bashi Kasawneh / Short Narrative / Jordan / 2015 / 15 min / Colour / DCP2K
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Middle Eastern, Social Issues, Youth, Immigration, Friendship, Children
MENA Premiere


Hikmat ekes out a living by collecting recyclables from garbage dumpsters around town that everyone knows “belong” to him. As a gypsy, he is treated poorly by the other boys and cheated by the guy who buys his days’ collection. When he finds a refugee kid “stealing” from one of the dumpsters in his territory, he is incensed until he comes to realise that rich or poor, citizen or migrant, we are all connected in this life – and it is compassion that will ease our journey.

About the Directors

Bashi Kasawneh was born in 1986 in Amman, and has travelled and lived in various places throughout his life. In 2001, he relocated to Canada, where he studied at Capilano University in Vancouver and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture Arts. After completing his education, Bashi went back to Jordan and spent time getting invaluable experience in feature films. The death of his mother led to the making of his debut short film, ‘Tangency’. He now lives in Abu Dhabi with his family.


Bashi Kasawneh
Bashi Kasawneh
Bashi Kasawneh
Bashi Kasawneh, Ghaith Akkad
Aziz Maraka
Feras Al Hihi
Gaith Jalboush, Zina Ibrahim, Omar Katkhuada, Amin Safi, Mohammad Rahahleh, Kareem Abu Zayyad

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