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Hadil Al Marzouki / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2014 / 2 min / Colour / DCP
In No Dialogue
Interests: Animation, Social Issues
Qatar Premiere


The striking juxtaposition of contrasting scenes, like a young man wasting water while shaving and an entire family struggling to collect drinking water from a pump, says more than a thousand words. This smart animated short uses one of the most effective styles of film editing to force us to consider important issues like wasting water without using a single word.

About the Directors

Hadil Al Marzouki was born in 1992. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Visual Communication from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Damascus University.


Hadil Al Marzouki
Hadil Al Marzouki
Hadil Al Marzouki
Waseem Al Marzouki
Waseem Al Marzouki

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