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Samha (سمحه)

Made in Qatar

Noor Fawzi Al-Asswad / Short Documentary / Qatar / 2018 / 14 min / DCP
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Documentary, Middle Eastern, History, Identity, Creative Documentary
Qatar Premiere


The film documents the journey of a camel named ‘Samha’ as they are entered into the 'Mzayn Al Ebil' competition, an annual tournament held in Qatar. Capturing every meticulous detail that goes into getting a camel ready for a meet, we witness the loving care and attention that is given to the cherished livestock in this fascinating insight into the close-knit community involved in competitive camel exhibition.

About the Directors

Noor Fawzi Al-Asswad is a young filmmaker with a passion for creating independent films and PSAs that help society. Her previous work includes 'Noah' that documents the maritime heritage of Qatar in connection to the 2022 World Cup stadiums.


Noor Fawzi Al-Asswad
Noor Fawzi Al-Asswad
Ruqiya Khudai Noor
Ruqiya Khudai Noor
Faran Ensembl, ANNA RF
Ahmad Fawzi Alaswad, Noor Fawzi Al-Asswad, Ruqiya Khudai Noor
Mubark Aldosiri

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