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Prisoner and Jailer

Ajyal Competition

Muhannad Lamin / Short Narrative / Libya, Qatar / 2019 / 15 min / Colour
In Arabic / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama
Gulf Premiere


The story of two contrasting Libyans—one a key official in the former regime, the other one of the most prominent figures of the post-revolutionary period in Libya. Through these two characters, we discover the circumstances surrounding one of the most influential events in modern Libyan history: The Abu Salim Prison Massacre. Many of the events and dialogue that feature in the film were taken directly from testimonies of former prisoners and wardens.

About the Directors

Muhannad Lamin studied directing and scriptwriting at Tripoli’s Arts Institute, while working as a creative director at 2Go2 Media and an editor at Huna Production. He has been involved in producing a number of public-awareness campaign projects for clients including the Electoral High Authority, the Ministry of Justice, the Warriors’ Affairs Commission, BBC Media Action and several NGOs. He has also been involved in several documentary projects such as ‘Poet of the Sea’ (2012), ‘Between the Ropes’ (2013), ‘Freedom Fields’ (2018), and 'After a Revolution' (2018).


Muhannad Lamin
Muhannad Lamin
Muhannad Lamin, Yasmine Dhoukar
Muhannad Lamin
Seifalah Kechrid
Ikbal Arafa
Production Company
Khayal Productions, Clandestino Prod
Aymen Labedi, Samy Gharby
Sudu Connexion
Ali Elshol, Eisa Abdolhafeez, Hamza Souii, Mohamed Soltani, Omar Karmoussi, Ale Ben Sassi, Wassim Ben Sassi, Najmi Oun

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