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No One Pukes in Heaven (Im Himmel Kotzt Man Nicht)

Mohaq - ages 8+

Katja Benrath, Florian Hirschmann, Daniela Sandhofer / Short Narrative / Austria, Germany / 2013 / 15 min / Colour / DCP
In German / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Family
Gulf Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.

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A mother and her daughter make a deal: knowing that cancer will soon tear them apart, they determine to use their remaining time together to live life to the fullest and create happy memories. They take turns expressing a wish which the other has to fulfill, no matter how unlikely or absurd it may be. Yet sad reality sometimes crashes like a harsh wave against the barrier of optimism they have so carefully erected.

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About the Directors

Katja Benrath

Katja Benrath was born in 1979 in Erbach, Germany. She started acting in school theatre, became a costume tailor and worked for Pina Bausch's dance company. ‘No One Pukes in Heaven’ is her second short film.

Florian Hirschmann

Florian Hirschmann was born in Fürstenfeld, Austria. He began working as a visual-effects artist for feature films and commercials. Together with Katja Benrath, he produced and directed the short film ‘Babydoll’ (2009) which won several awards around the world.

Daniela Sandhofer

Daniela Sandhofer was born in Neuhofen, Austria. Following her greatest passion, she studied acting and singing in Vienna and played the lead for several years in the show ‘We Will Rock You’ in Cologne. ‘No One Pukes in Heaven’ is the first short film she has written, produced and co-directed.


Katja Benrath, Florian Hirschmann, Daniela Sandhofer
Katja Benrath, Daniela Sandhofer
Katja Benrath, Daniela Sandhofer
Katja Benrath, Florian Hirschmann, Daniela Sandhofer
Elisabeth Kaplan, Florian Hirschmann
Felix Striegel
Production Company
Tagträumer Filmproduktion
Katja Benrath, Elisabeth Thomashoff

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