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My Second Eye (Ayny)

Ajyal Competition

Ahmad Saleh / Short Narrative / Germany, Jordan, Palestine / 2016 / 11 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Animation, War, Children
Qatar Premiere


A mother protects her two young sons from violence when the family is displaced by conflict, and explains that whenever a house is destroyed, a flower appears that, when transported to another place, will grow a new home. Carrying this myth with them in their hearts, the boys and their mother create a new life. But the many dangers of war are never far away, and a terrible accident means the boys must depend on their mother’s strength once again.

About the Directors

Ahmad Saleh is a writer/director based in Germany. ‘House’ (2012), his first short film, was made while obtaining his Master of Digital Media degree from the University of the Arts Bremen. The film earned several important international awards. Recently, Saleh completed another Master’s degree in Film at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, for which he wrote and directed two short films and began writing his first feature. ‘Ayny’ (2016), his graduation, won a Student Academy Award in the foreign animation category.


Ahmad Saleh
Ahmad Saleh
Stefan Gieren
Ahmad Saleh
Nizar Rohana
Lionel Poutiaire Somé
Production Company
Fiction 2.0, KHM Cologne
Animation: Frank Pingel

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