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‘My Little Beasts’ Cine-Concert

Ajyal Competition

/ Musical Performance / 20 min
In No Dialogue / (No Subtitles) subtitles
Interests: Animation, Music


Ajyal is delighted to work once again with the Forum des Images to present ‘My Little Beasts’, a world-premiere cine-concert.

When you’re a child, friendship goes beyond who you are and where you are from. Sometimes, solace can be found in the most unexpected arms... those of a wild fox, of a gorilla in a zoo, of a travelling goose, or of an anxious little toucan. Friendship will bring joy and emotion to children meeting up with these little beasts in the most magical and sincere way.

This series will be accompanied by live music by Anthony Boulc’h and Fanch Minou’s and is sure to please film and music enthusiasts alike.

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