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Killing Hope

Ajyal Competition

Natacha Grangeon, Julia Retali / Short Narrative / France / 2017 / 18 min / Colour / DCP
In French / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Based on a True Story
Qatar Premiere


At the heart of a war-torn Aleppo, in the midst of the civil war, twenty-four-year-old Al-Basha stands for something bigger than himself. His only weapon is his trusty red nose and the smiles it brings to the children that surround him: he is the last clown of Aleppo. 'Killing Hope' is a tribute to an unsung hero, immortalising one of the many moments of humanity that occur even in the most troubled of times

About the Directors

Julia Retali and Natacha Grangeon have both very divergent but complementary universes. After more than 15 years of friendship and artistic collaborations, they decided to join their talent and sensibilities to write and create 'Killing Hope' together. They are currently developing a feature-length film named 'Je t’aime'.


Natacha Grangeon, Julia Retali
Natacha Grangeon, Julia Retali
Jean-Marie Antonini
Aurélien Abd el Fattah
Denis Froment
Tanis Chalopin
Muriel Cravatte
Production Company
C4 Productions
Yacine Belhousse, Maël Roin-Berrandou, Yasmine Zeggaï

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