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InBetween Home (Stille Post)

Ajyal Competition

Brigitta Kanyaro / Short Narrative / Austria, Romania / 2022 / 17 min / Colour
In English, German, Romanian / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Immigration, Family


In her efforts to obtain accommodation and, therefore, a residence permit in Austria, Marinela—an overburdened, single Romanian mother—relies on her daughter Ilinca as a mediator and translator. However, Ilinca has other plans. She wants to talk to Bubu; she wants to go home. 'InBetween Home' uses a touch of humour to compassionately portray the struggles of first-generation immigrants as they encounter language barriers, bureaucracy, and homesickness in their hope of finding a new life.

About the Directors

Brigitta Kanyaro is a Romanian actress and filmmaker based in Vienna. She produced her first short film 'Liniste' (2017) which premiered at Transylvania IFF. In 2020, she was nominated for the Romy Young Talent Award for her first leading role in the series 'Last Will'. In 2019, she made her directorial debut with the short film 'Annamalai', which won the Austrian award at Linz ISFF. Kanyaro was selected for the 2021 artist residency Femart in Bucharest with her debut feature film project, where she won the main prize.


Brigitta Kanyaro
Brigitta Kanyaro
Chris Dohr, Eugen Kelemen
Carolina Steinbrecher
Eugen Kelemen
Production Designer
Maria Gruber
Tjandra Warsosumarto, Victor Miu
Marius Leftarache
Lemonade Films
Diana Cavallioti, Lara Kelemen, Gisela Salcher, Karl Fischer

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