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If I Had Wings

Hilal - ages 13+

للترجمة العربية اضغط على

Allan Harmon / Feature Narrative / Canada / 2013 / 89 min / Colour / HDCAM
In English / Arabic subtitles
MENA Premiere


Alex Taylor is a teen with a big dream: to run with the school cross-country team and participate in the county championship race. There are a few things standing between Alex and his goal, however – the most significant being the fact that he is completely blind. When his eternally optimistic father approaches the track coach, she says Alex can join the team if he can find a running partner who is fast enough to keep up.
Enter Brad Coleman. A mouthy kid who lives with his dad and brother on a First Nations reservation, Brad is constantly in trouble with the law – and pairing up with Alex is his chance to stay out of prison. But it also means Brad will have to face down some deeply ingrained negative attitudes toward Canada’s indigenous peoples.
Together, the young men work to find a solution that will let them face the many obstacles in their path. While its core is a heartfelt story of camaraderie set in the gorgeous landscape of the Canadian West, ‘If I Had Wings’ strikes hard at the damage wrought by unfounded prejudice against people whom society has trained us to think less of – and people we fear simply because they are different to us.

About the Directors

Allan Harmon began his career as a theatre producer, actor and director. He soon moved to film and television, working as an assistant director, unit manager and producer for networks and studios such as CBS, Lifetime, Columbia, MGM, Universal, Fox, Disney, Paramount and Warner. With his company Really Real Films, he has produced award-winning commercials. His feature films as director include ‘Afghan Knights’ (2007) and ‘Anything But Christmas’ (2012), as well as the Lifetime movies ‘Passion’s Web’ (2007) and ‘Second Sight’ (2007).


Allan Harmon
Michael Markus, Tim Stubinski
Cynde Harmon, Kim Arnott, Allan Harmon
Martin Bertiaume
Stu Goldberg
Neil Cervin
Sales Company
Really Real Films Inc.
Production Company
Really Real Films Inc.
Richard Harmon, Jaren Brandt Bartlett, Craig Bierko, Jill Hennessy, Lorne Cardinal, Genevieve Buechner

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