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Hijabi Girls

Bader - ages 18+

Nada Al-Hudaid / Short Documentary / United Kingdom / 2013 / 5 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic, English / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Women, Documentary, Social Issues, Fashion
MENA Premiere


High-fashion designer Barjis Chohan discusses her approach to creating chic clothing for the modern Muslim woman in this enlightening short piece. In the Islamic community, women’s opinions regarding how women should dress range from moderate to ultra-conservative. Convinced that ‘even hijabi girls love fashion’, Chohan has very astutely launched a line of fashion that allows women to dress in a manner that is both modest and stylish.

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About the Directors

Nada Al-Hudaid was born in Sana’a in 1981. She obtained a BA in Anthropology from the American University in Kuwait in 2009, and an MA in Visual Anthropology from the Australian National University in 2011. She also took filmmaking courses at the New York Film Academy and the London Film Academy. Her filmography includes ‘Life Orchestra’ (2012), ‘The Answer Is Around You’ (2012) and ‘Last Moments’ (2012).


Nada Al-Hudaid
Nada Al-Hudaid
Angela Belot
Nada Al-Hudaid, Paulina Salas Ruiz
Ammar Galal
Paulina Salas Ruiz, Catharina Bratt, Oluwadami O. Ayay
Sales Company
London Film Academy
Production Company
London Film Academy
Barjis Chohan
Barjis Chohan

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