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Here Comes the Rain (Chatti Ya Dini)

World Panorama

Bahij Hojeij / Feature Narrative / Lebanon / 2010 / 100 min / Color and B&W / HDCAM
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Identity, War
Qatar Premiere


In his second narrative feature, longtime Lebanese documentary filmmaker Bahij Hojeij tells the story of Ramez, a man kidnapped 20 years ago who has just been released back to his wife and children. As the man-child slowly and awkwardly rediscovers his family life, he also explores the crowded streets of the new urban landscape, with all the shifting emotions that come with a different skyline, altered neighborhoods, and the lingering scars of recent wars. Discovering the world around him for the first time in decades, Ramez's assimilation back into society is uneasy and painful - he has an unexplained obsession with hoarding paper bags, and on one of his winding walks he meets a woman whose own husband similarly disappeared years ago. For some missing gaps in life, there are no simple answers.

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About the Directors

Bahij Hojeij
Hojeij earned his degree in film from Louis Lumière College in Paris and has been a film professor at the Lebanese University Institute of Fine Arts. After making several shorts, his feature debut, "Ring of Fire" won a 2004 "Fipresci Prize." "Here Comes the Rain" is his second film.


Bahij Hojeij
Bahij Hojeij
Michele Tyan
Associate Producer
Paul Baboudjian
Executive Producer
Online Films - Beirut
Wissam Hojeij
Maxime Heraud
Hassan Mrad, Julia Kassar, Carmen Lebbos, Bernadette Hodeib, Elie Mitri, Diamand Bou Aboud

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