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Ajyal Competition, Made in Qatar

Nouf Al Sulaiti / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2018 / 9 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Women, Youth, Family, Friendship
World Premiere


After getting her first catch of the day while crab-hunting with her father and brother, bright-eyed Jawaher shows it to her father. He dismisses her but goes on to praise her brother’s catch. Determined to win her father’s approval, Jawaher shrugs off his hurtful reaction and sets out to catch ten crabs. On her quest, she finds herself battling for a catch with Nawaf, a boy who shares her goal.

About the Directors

Nouf Al Sulaiti is a Qatari producer with a passion for storytelling. She has worked on numerous film projects, both fiction and documentary, including AJ Al Thani’s ‘Black Veil’, Yassine Ouahrani’s ’Noor’ (2017), Zaki Hussain’s ‘How to Get Over a Heartbreak’ (2017), and her own ‘Outdated’ (2016) and ‘Papers’ (2016), both of which she also produced. Nouf has received grants to make Zaki Hussain’s ‘Terima Kasih’, and Zahed Bata’s ‘Burn the Bird’, which she is producing, and her own, ‘Gubgub’. Nouf is currently producing a feature film called ‘Khuzzama’.


Nouf Al Sulaiti
Nouf Al Sulaiti
Justin Kramer
Christopher Moon
Production Company
The Film House
Nadim Maalouf
Assistant Director
Jemina Legaspi
Fatima Al Nahdi, Ali Al Nahdi, Mahrous Hassan Daloul, Saad Al Wezain, Sami Al Taweel, Osama Al Taweel, Mansour Al Nahdi

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