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Going After Refuge

Ajyal Competition

Ibrahim Abazeed, Barış Elçin / Short Narrative / Turkey / 2020 / 4 min / Colour / Apple Pro Res 422
In No Dialogue / (No Subtitles) subtitles
Interests: Drama
Gulf Premiere


“Only the dead have seen the end of war” is a quote by the philosopher Plato. War is an endless phenomenon and a crucial, yet dreadful part of human nature. As soon as one war ends, it seems another begins somewhere else on earth. In this affecting short, a wounded soldier tries desperately to escape the battlefield as one such war rages all around him.

About the Directors

Senior communication and design student studying in Ankara and living in Doha.

Senior communication and design student in studying & living in Ankara, Turkey.


Ibrahim Abazeed, Barış Elçin
Nihat Gülses

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