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Ghassan's Green Door

Made in Qatar

Lubna Mohsin, Munera AlDosari / Short Documentary / Qatar / 2019 / 7 min / Colour / Apple Pro Res 422
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Documentary, Middle Eastern, Restoration, Creative Documentary, Poetic Documentary
Qatar Premiere


Ghassan Hajar has lived in Doha for over 50 years. An avid collector of antiques, he opens his heart and famous green door to share with us some of the incredible pieces he has collected over the years. Unfortunately, his home-turned-exhibit has not been doing as well of late, due to the public's growing interest in more modernity, as well as admittedly not having done enough to bring the public's attention to the antiques that he sells.

About the Directors

Lubna Mohsin is a Qatari/Palestinian filmmaker who has worked on a myriad of small film projects throughout the course of her undergraduate education at Northwestern University in Qatar. She directs, produces, and works on films that explore societal matters, as well as those that help her discover her directorial voice and aesthetic.

Munera AlDosari is a Qatari filmmaker. She is an undergraduate student majoring in Media Industries and Technology at Northwestern University in Qatar and is set to graduate in 2020. Munera aspires to be a prominent documentarian, in hopes of telling other people’s stories through her lens.


Lubna Mohsin, Munera AlDosari
Lubna Mohsin, Munera AlDosari
Lubna Mohsin
Hamza Tebai
Lubna Mohsin, Munera AlDosari
Ghassan Hajar

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