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Forum Des Images - My Family Tree!

Ajyal Competition

/ Musical Performance / 19 min / DCP
In No Dialogue
Qatar Premiere


The 'Bariq Short Film Programme' is accompanied by an abridged version of the ‘My Family Tree’ Cine-Concert.


On a sunny day, a father and his daughter walk in a field and plant a tiny sprout, which grows into a tree as the little girl grows up too.
Director: Raphaël Huchon
France / 2011 / 4 mins

Sunset Flower Blooming:
While sitting in her garden surrounded by her grandchildren, an old woman remembers her youth in China.
Director: Yuanyuan Hu
Japan / 2012 / 10 mins

Sparrows Are Baby Pigeons:
On a cold and snowy day, a child walks by a playful family of birds, which brings colour and joy into his life.
Director: Nina Bisyrina
Russia / 2015 / 5 mins

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