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Five Stars (Cinco Estrellas)

Ajyal Competition

Roberto Jiménez Bozada / Short Narrative / Spain / 2021 / 11 min / Black & White
In Spanish / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Comedy, Drama, Social Issues


Carlos and Toñi live in a tiny apartment in a marginalised neighbourhood in Portugal. They haven’t been able to pay their rent for months, their electricity is cut off, and they survive by collecting scrap metal. But a windfall is on the horizon when Henrik and Jens, two Danish tourists, offer to pay to spend a day with a low-income family. A tongue-in-cheek dramedy about wealth disparity and the objectification of people in poverty to entertain the privileged.

About the Directors

Roberto Jiménez Bozada began his career at Globomedia in 2000. After five years of working as a screenwriter on the series ‘7 Vidas’ and ‘Aída’ (Telecinco), he moved to the production company Vértice 360, where he worked as a screenwriter and executive producer on series such as ‘The simulators’ (Four) and ‘The Mata Family’ (Antena 3). In 2011 he returned to Globomedia as a co-executive producer on ‘BuenAgente’ (La Sexta). He assumed the direction of the fiction department at DLO Producciones in 2014, and between 2019 and 2020, he was a scriptwriter for the Big Bang Media series ‘Caronte’ (Mediaset).


Roberto Jiménez Bozada
Roberto Jiménez Bozada
Cesar Martinez Herrada
Tito Carlon
Pablo Barce
Production Company
Dexiderius Producciones
Nicholas Gabriel
Claudia Torrent
Lorena López, Daniel Albaladejo, Erik Adam Pedersen, Luis Mesonero, Javier Ruiz de Somavía

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