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Dino Dana

Ajyal Competition

J.J. Johnson / Feature Narrative / Canada / 2019 / 76 min / DCP4K
In English
Interests: Adventure, Family
MENA Premiere


Dana is a ten-year-old adventure-seeking girl who dreams about all things prehistoric. This palaeontologist-in-training loves science, knowledge, and finding ways to get her older sister Saara to join her. She’s whip-smart and therefore clever enough to know when she needs a helping hand or a new piece of intel to help solve her experiments. Dana is obsessed with dinosaurs because palaeontologists haven’t figured out everything about them yet. Her mission is to fill in the missing pieces as she tries to solve experiment 901—where are all the kid dinos? But before she can complete her work, Dana’s new upstairs neighbour Mateo finds her magical “Dino Field Guide”, which allows him to see dinosaurs in real life too!
An action-packed prehistoric adventure, ‘Dino Dana’ posits the theory that certain dinosaurs changed shape so dramatically over the course of their development that palaeontologists mistakenly identified them as different dinosaurs rather than the same dinosaur at different ages. This “shape-shifting dinosaur” theory is relatively new and not one that all palaeontologists agree with. Like all science, it is an ever-evolving process of presenting bold ideas and proposals before carefully examining the evidence to form new conclusions, and one little girl is undoubtedly up for the challenge!


J.J. Johnson
J.J. Johnson, Christin Simms
J. J. Johnson, Matthew J.R. Bishop, Blair Powers
Executive Producer
J.J. Johnson, Christin Simms, Blair Powers, Matt Bishop
George Lajtai
Sinking Ship
Michela Luci, Saara Chaudry, Nicola Correia-Damude, Amish Patel, Richie Lawrence, Evan Whitten

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