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Muzna Al-Musafer / Short Narrative / Oman, Qatar / 2019 / 14 min
In Arabic
Interests: Drama
Domestic Premiere


In 1978, in the south of Oman, Dablan, a widower lives with his children Salma and Amr in a traditional rural village. In a region where leopards are seen as the ultimate test of a hunter’s mettle, Dablan faces pressure from his tribe to kill one that is threatening the village—pressure that only increases when he resolves to set the animal free. A contemplative and affectionate depiction of a tribal society as it adapts to a new world.

About the Directors

Muzna Almusafer was born in Muscat. Her admiration for images began at an early age through her father, a painter and photographer. She graduated from Kuwait University majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Political Science, and studied Swedish Cinema and Television Culture at Stockholm University. Her first short film, ‘Niqab’, won the student competition short at the Gulf Film Festival in 2010. ‘Cholo’ (2013) won the Best Script prize at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, had its premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival, and was screened at several festivals and institutes. ‘PASHK’ and ‘The Goats of Dana’, two creative documentaries that Almusafer collaborated on, were screened in the DOX Film festival in Copenhagen and KIFAK in Tunisia, and at the Women Deliver World Conference. In 2016, Almusafer participated with her project ‘Clouds’ at the Robert Bosch Foundation in the Amman Project Market.


Muzna Al-Musafer
Intisar Said
Executive Producer
Giacomo Abbruzzese
Giovanni C. Lorusso
Production Company
Nebula Productions, Doha Film INstitute
Bander Alshihr, Amal Bait Noyra, Hassan Almashani, Sharif Alamri, Musalam Alshihri, Wanas

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