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Champs Elysees, I love you (Champs Elysees Je t'aime)

Arab Short Film Competition

Mahdi Ali Ali / Short Narrative / Qatar, France / 2009 / 16 min / Color / HDCAM
In French, Arabic / English, Arabic subtitles
Interests: Drama, Social Issues
Qatar Premiere


A female college student from the Gulf currently residing in the romantic French capital must make a decision: should she passively surrender to the traditional expectations of her family's pre-arranged marriage plans, or should she open her life to true love in Europe? Starring the lovely Gania Latroch and the suave Samir Talhaoui.

About the Directors

Mahdi Ali Ali
A Qatari filmmaker who studied for his master of fine arts degree at EICAR, the International Film School of Paris, Ali Ali has worked on films for Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and Al Jazeera Children, and also produced a segment in the non-fiction film "Last Supper for Malthus."


Mahdi Ali Ali
Mahdi Ali Ali
Mahdi Ali Ali
Selma Zghidi
Associate Producer
Jose Ignacio Correa
Amaro Gomez Pablos
Gania Latroch, Perrine Gilbert, Samir Talhaaoui, Alexandre Thiberville, Faisal Hassan Rashid, Hani, Guilhem Delteil

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