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Casino Jack (Casino Jack)

Special Screening

George Hickenlooper / Feature Narrative / Canada / 2009 / 108 min / Color / 35 mm
In English / Unknown subtitles
Interests: Thriller, Based on a True Story, Comedy, Politics
International Premiere


Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey gives a stellar performance as high powered GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a veteran schemer who shot to success, then crashed and burned in the George W. Bush era - creating one of the biggest scandals to hit Washington in recent years. Balancing both fact and a bit of fiction, director George Hickenlooper creates a wild and humorous ride along the underbelly of American politics. Aside from U.S. President Bush and his aide-de-camp Karl Rove, other recognizable faces to those who watch CNN will be Spencer Garrett as corrupt congressman Tom DeLay, Christian Campbell as the religious right-winger Ralph Reed, Jeffrey R. Smith as the tax activist Grover Norquist, and Brian Paul as the former presidential candidate and current Senator John McCain. But the real tour de force here belongs to Spacey who, as in previous films, carries the storyline along with panache and verve.

About the Directors

George Hickenlooper
Born in St. Louis and raised in Boston and San Francisco, Hickenlooper graduated from Yale with a history degree before moving to California and working for producer Roger Corman. He made his directing debut with "Art, Acting, and the Suicide Chair" with Dennis Hopper and followed that with "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse".


George Hickenlooper
Norman Snider
Gary Howsam, Bill Marks, George Zakk
William Steinkamp
Production Designer
Matthew Davies
Executive Producer
Richard Rionda del Castro, Lewin Webb, Donald Zuckerman, Dana Brunetti, Patricia Eberle, Warren Nimchuk, Angelo Paletta, Domenic Serafino
Jonathan Goldsmith
Adam Swica
Kevin Spacey, Kelly Preston, Rachelle Lefevre, Barry Pepper

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