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Blue Dive (Al-Lawn Al Azraq)

Arab Short Film Competition

Mostafa Youssef / Short Narrative / Egypt / 2011 / 16 min / Colour / 35 mm
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Drama, Death
MENA Premiere


Selim, a diver bewitched by the ocean, lays dying in a hospital bed. Mokhtar, a schizophrenic painter, contemplates the colour of death. Dalia, a nurse, remembers her father's drowning. Set in Alexandria, ‘Blue Dive’ is the story of a brief encounter encompassing death and the beauty and danger of the sea.

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About the Directors

Egyptian director Moustafa Youssef’s student films ‘Shawarby St’ (2005) and ‘Call of Madness’ (2006) were shown at local festivals. The latter won several awards and screened at the Tisch School’s NextReel in Singapore. Youssef’s company Seen Films makes issues-based documentaries for Egyptian television.


Mostafa Youssef
Mostafa Youssef
Doaa Fadel
Production Designer
Art Director : Ayman Elhamy
Huda Asfour
Mohamed Abdel Raouf
Sayed Ragab, Donia Massoud, Atef Youssef

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