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Beyond Broken Walls

Made in Qatar

Hissa G. Al-Mannai / Short Documentary / Qatar / 2020 / 4 min / Colour / Apple Pro Res 422
In English / Arabic subtitles
Interests: Documentary, Art/Literature
World Premiere


Dimitrije Bugarski, a well-known artist in Qatar, realizes he lost himself as an artist, as he no longer creates for himself. He feels trapped by society's expectations for his art, causing him to shy away from creating authentic pieces. He immediately disassociates from his work, as they cease to bear an emotional connection to him. To find himself once more, he seeks out abandoned places to freely paint whatever his mind, heart, and soul desire. He feels most at peace with himself as an artist when he is painting alone on broken walls.

About the Directors

Hissa G. Al-Mannai is a visually impaired filmmaker who is passionate about telling stories that examine personal struggles, perseverance, and the beauty that surrounds us.


Hissa G. Al-Mannai
Hissa G. Al-Mannai
Hissa G. Al-Mannai
Hissa G. Al-Mannai
Enzo De Rosa
Hissa G. Al-Mannai
Dimitrije Bugarski

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