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Belles étoiles

Ajyal Competition

Naïma Di Piero, Elhadj Sidibé / Short Narrative / France / 2017 / 12 min / DCP
In French / English subtitles
Interests: Drama


School bully, Ami, excludes the quiet and shy Jeanne from her playground games. Puzzled and wanting to learn more about Ami, Jeanne follows her home one day to discover that she and her mother have been evicted and are now living in their car. When her fellow pupils find out, the balance of power shifts at school, and the two girls form an unlikely bond based on their shared experience of feeling isolated.

About the Directors

Naïma Di Piero graduated from La Fémis in 2005. As part of the Tribudom Collective, Naïma co-directed 'Belles étoiles', a film written with children from an elementary school in Paris. She also works as a camera operator at UNESCO, television assistant and documentary film director.

Elhadj Sidibe discovered cinema in 2008 at the age of 20 by directing a short film during a 3-day workshop with the Tribudom association. He has directed several short films and participated in the 2015 edition of the Nikon Film Festival.


Naïma Di Piero, Elhadj Sidibé
Julia Colin
Mona Abdel Hadi, Naïma Di Piero
Charlotte Soyez
Cécile Carassou
Assistant Director
Mélanie Dubost
Ella Poupeau, Assetou Soumare, Lyna Leghifiri, Louna Maaoui

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