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Bear Story (Historia de un oso)

Mohaq - ages 8+

Gabriel Osorio / Short Narrative / Chile / 2014 / 10 min / Colour / DCP
In No Dialogue
MENA Premiere


Stunningly constructed, ‘Bear Story’ is the award-winning, poignant tale of a melancholy bear who tells his own story by means of a mechanical diorama. This complex film is at once a wonderfully imaginative exploration of different methods of visual storytelling, a condemnation of both state terrorism and the mistreatment of animals, and a comment on the interplay of real life and entertainment – but finally, its power lies in the moving story at its heart.

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About the Directors

Gabriel Osorio majored in Fine Arts at Universidad de Chile, later specialising in 3-D animation. After working on several commercials, films and television series, he launched his own studio, Punkrobot. Since 2008 he has been directing projects for children’s television, as well as commercials. ‘Bear Story’ was presented in several prestigious festivals, including Cannes, Giffoni and Anima Mundi.


Gabriel Osorio
Daniel Castro
Pato Escala
Pato Escala
Antonia Herrera
Production Company
Punkrobot Animation Studio

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