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Ana Bas

Made in Qatar

Ayah Awartani, Tony El Ghazal / Short Documentary / Qatar / 2019 / 7 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Documentary, Music, Biography, Creative Documentary
No Premiere


‘Ana Bas’ is a documentary about the life of Ammar Abouelghar (MVRS), an Egyptian rapper and musician who is organizing his first-ever album release event. The film follows him while he attempts to balance his personal life and family with his burgeoning music career. It addresses themes such as the power of music and the importance of family.

About the Directors

Tony El Ghazal is a Lebanese director and filmmaker. He was born in Qatar and currently studies Media Industries and Technologies at Northwestern University in Qatar with a concentration on film. His goal is to tell the stories of the Arab world that are universal in their appeal.

Ayah Awartani is a Journalism graduate from Northwestern University in Qatar. Ayah interned at AJ+ Arabic as a video producer covering news and context stories. Her work focuses on topics that interest the society surrounding her, such as cultural and social justice stories.


Ayah Awartani, Tony El Ghazal
Ayah Awartani, Tony El Ghazal
Ammar Abouelghar (MVRS) as himself

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