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Amreeka Laa!

Made in Qatar

Hind Al-Ansari / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2014 / 15 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic, English / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama
Qatar Premiere


Yousif desperately wants to go to university in New York City, so when the school he has applied to accepts him, he starts getting ready for the big move to the USA. His father, however, is opposed to the idea of his son going to a land where he will not be respected. Will Yousif’s dream succeed where his father’s could not? A clear-eyedexamination of the hopes and dreams of two generations.

About the Directors

Hind Al Ansari was born in Doha in 1990. She developed her interest in film as an undergraduate at Northwestern University in Qatar. While studying documentary filmmaking, she produced her first film, ‘3awdat Salman’, with her partner Sarah Sabry. While filming ‘Amreeka Laa!’, Al Ansari was at Innovation Films, where she was surrounded by creative filmmakers who helped her during the development process. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Middle Eastern studies at Harvard University.


Hind Al-Ansari
Hind Al-Ansari
Hind Al-Ansari, Salman Al-Muhannadi
Hind Al-Ansari
Mohammed Al-Mulla, AJ Hochhalter
Jaber Al-Mansoor
Ibrahim Al-Merza, Abdulla Al-Harbi, Rashid Al-Sheeb, Mohammed Al Hamadi

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