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  • Al-Kora

    Made in Qatar - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2013

    A brother and sister attempt to retrieve a lost football in an old Qatari village.

    Amal Al-Muftah / Qatar / Short Narrative

  • An

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2015

    Sentaro runs a tiny bakery, where he serves pancakes filled with ‘an’, a sweet red bean paste.…

    Naomi Kawase / Japan, France, Germany / Feature Narrative

  • Ave Maria

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2016

    Stereotypes are broken down in the name of co-operation in this Oscar-nominated film about Arab…

    Basil Khalil / Palestine, Germany, France / Short Narrative

  • Balls

    Arab Film Competition - Doha Tribecca Film Festival 2010

    Middle Eastern earthiness meets Scandinavian sweetness in this comedy by acclaimed Lebanese-Swe…

    Josef Fares / Sweden / Feature Narrative

  • Colourful Feathers

    Ajyal Competition, Ajyal at Katara - Ajyal Film Festival 2021

    A family of blue chickens are ostracized from their flock. But when a fox arrives, they quickly…

    Maribel Suárez / Mexico / Short Narrative

  • The Deep

    Contemporary World Cinema - Doha Tribecca Film Festival 2012

    In 1984, a fishing boat capsized in the near-freezing North Atlantic waters off the Icelandic c…

    Baltasar Kormákur / Iceland, Norway / Feature Narrative

  • Don't Leave Me

    Hilal - ages 13+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2014

    Layla is diabetic and is gradually losing her sight. Aisha suffers from a different condition:…

    Khalid Al Mahmood / United Arab Emirates / Short Narrative