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  • Flo

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2018

    One day a little flea makes a new friend, but their home is a strange place, and they must work…

    Nora Marie Back / Germany / Short Narrative

  • Flying Paper

    Bariq - ages 4+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2013

    This uplifting documentary about children in Gaza on a quest to shatter the Guinness World Reco…

    Nitin Sawhney, Roger Hill / United States of America, Palestine / Feature Documentary

  • Footprints

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2015

    When a sleeping man is awoken by a gunshot, he grabs his rifle and chases the horrible beast he…

    Bill Plympton / United States of America / Short Narrative

  • For Sama

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2019

    A love letter from a young mother to her daughter, the film tells the story of Waad al-Kateab’s…

    Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts / Syria, United Kingdom / Feature Documentary

  • For Your Own Good

    Mohaq - ages 8+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2014

    Brahim is a not exactly a model student. He doesn’t study, skips class, and causes all sorts of…

    Ibtissem Guerda / France / Short Narrative

  • For the Sake of Yousef

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2019

    Yousef's mother is getting ready for a movie night-in to watch the aptly named horror 'Run for…

    Yousef Al Bagshi / Kuwait / Short Narrative

  • Forever

    Special Screening, Ajyal at Katara - Ajyal Film Festival 2021

    A life insurance company uses an AI algorithm to determine the risk of a new applicant. The sub…

    Mitch McGlocklin / United States of America / Short Narrative