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Woman of Steel (Okht Rjal)

Ajyal Competition, Made in Qatar - Ajyal Film Festival 2020

Obada Yousef Jarbi / Short Documentary / Jordan, Qatar / 2020 / 16 min / Colour / Apple Pro Res 422 / In Arabic / English subtitles / World Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.


An earnest and empathetic portrait of a matriarch who works tirelessly for her family. Um Mohamed is a proud mother and a wife. Due to her husband’s post-polio disability, he is incapable of working. As a result, Um Mohamed roams the streets of Irbid, collecting scrap metal and recyclables to sell in the male-dominant industrial area. Though she provides for her family and has undoubtedly earned the title of “breadwinner”, she lacks the recognition and power often afforded to a man in her situation.

About the Director

Obada Yousef Jarbi is a Jordanian resident of Qatar who holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism from Qatar University. He made his directorial debut with the documentary ‘Addicted to Alienation’ (2016). His second short film ‘The Fishermen’ (2017), created through Doha Film Institute’s documentary workshop, screened in several international film festivals. His third documentary ‘Okht Rjal’ premiered in 2020 and has been very well received.


Obada Yousef Jarbi
Amit Chowdhury
Severin Favriau, Falah Hannoun

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