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Atlal (Remnants) (أطلال)

Made in Qatar, Ajyal at Vox, Ajyal at Katara - Ajyal Film Festival 2021

Balkees Al-Jaafari, Tony El Ghazal / Short Documentary / Qatar / 2021 / 11 min / Colour / Apple Pro Res 422 / In Arabic / English subtitles / World Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.


'Atlal (Remnants)' is a fictional documentary that follows Bassam, a Palestinian man in his fifties, on a journey between the past and present. An abandoned school, the remains of a beach club, and a dusty cinema hold Bassam's cherished memories from his life in Qatar. Through personal archives and interviews with Bassam and his wife, Laila, we get a deeper look into their stories—slowly revealing the dismaying thoughts behind Bassam's nostalgia.

About the Director

Tony El Ghazal is a Lebanese director and filmmaker. He has directed several narrative short films, both fiction and non-fiction. His films centre around stories from the Arab world that are universal in their appeal. Tony graduated from Northwestern University in Qatar, where he was awarded two Studio 20Q grants to direct his newest short films, 'Bayt El Omor' (2020) & 'Ibn El Ballad' (2021).

Balkees Al-Jaafari is an Iraqi filmmaker and director. She has previously worked on-set as a producer, sound recordist, director, script supervisor, and editor. Al-Jaafari is well versed in screenplays and scripts revolving around non-fiction narratives and issues that occur in the Middle East.


Balkees Al-Jaafari, Tony El Ghazal
Amal Barakat
Mayyassa Gaddas
Abdul Ghani Maqboul, Manal Maqboul, Abdullah Shaat

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