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If They Only Knew (Bas Lao Yedroon)

Made in Qatar - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2015

Sana Al-Ansari / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2014 / 6 min / Colour / DCP2K / In Arabic / English subtitles / No Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.


Ahmed can’t sleep. Though he takes pills and prays for rest, his dreams about his best friend Abdullah won’t let up. In flashbacks, we see the young men studying, goofing around and playing video games. Despair, however, is clearly coming, foreshadowed when Abdullah mentions that their mutual friend was killed in a car accident while speeding. ‘If They Only Knew’ captures how the follies of youth can haunt us even as time passes.


Sana Al-Ansari
Sana Al-Ansari
Sahar Al-Ansari, Sheikha Al-Sharshani
Yousef Al-Madadi, Mais Rabie
Production Company
Doha Film Institute
Hassan Al-Sharshani, Abdulaziz Al-Haddad, Wiam Abd, Zahraa Al-Ansari

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