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No Entry for Men: Extended Q&A with Rambod Javan

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Rambod Javan’s ‘No Entry for Men’ met with huge success at the box office in Iran. A charming romantic comedy, it takes place in an all-girls’ school where, for the first time ever, a man is brought onto the teaching staff – and a hilarious battle of the sexes ensues. The film marks Javan’s second film as a director; prior to his film work, he directed television series. He is also a noted actor, known in his native Iran for his stage, film and television work. In an extended post-screening Q&A session, Javan will discuss ‘No Entry for Men’ and field questions from the audience

  • Scott Curtis


    Associate Professor of Communication, Northwestern University in Qatar

  • Rambod Javan

    filmmaker , free lancer

    Born in Tehran in 1971, Rambod Javan is an actor and stage director who is a familiar figure on television in Iran. He has appeared in numerous popular Iranian movies and has directed three series for Iranian television. ‘No Men Allowed’ is his directorial debut for the cinema.

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