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Transmedia Storytelling in the Digital Age

Event Description

As technology develops, it affects the way we tell, understand and enjoy stories. Reading novels, watching movies or telling an amusing tale over dinner with friends now compete with online communication and device interaction. What happens when the traditional ways we tell and consume stories converge with new technologies? From immersive games to interactive websites, multi-platform storytelling is becoming the new standard of audience engagement. DTFF presents a look at how filmmakers and media creators are choosing to tell their stories in the new age of social media and technology. Join a panel of industry experts who are pushing the boundaries of how we experience stories and what the future holds for gaming, film and storytelling in the 21st century.

  • Ayman Itani


    Digital Strategy Consultant, Think Media Labs

  • Caitlin Burns

    Transmedia Producer, Starlight Runner Entertainment

  • Yasmin Elayat

    Co-Creator, 18DaysInEgypt

  • Mahyad Tousi

    Co-Founder & CEO, BoomGen Studios

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