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The Mountain (La Montagne)

Arab Film Competition - Doha Tribecca Film Festival 2010

Ghassan Salhab / Feature Narrative / Lebanon, Qatar / 2010 / 85 min / Black & White / HDCAM / In Arabic, English / English, Arabic subtitles / World Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised for viewers under the age of 13. Individuals under the age of 13 are not admitted into cinemas unless accompanied by an individual aged 18 or older.


A work of shadowy implosion, the stark and largely silent narrative of Lebanese director Ghassan Salhab's fifth film is certain to captivate some audience members and infuriate others. With small nods to classics such as Kubrick's "The Shining" and Antonioni's "The Passenger," this black and white meditation displays masterful lighting and cinematography as it tells the story of a man checking into a distant, desolate hotel. On his journey up to the place there's a sudden detour, a mysterious car crash. Once he settles in to his hotel stay, only the whistling of the wind and the slow decay of a decorative pinecone, interrupt his waiting, until the violent, final scene. Though the entire film's running time is only about 90 minutes, some scenes here seem to linger for hours, while their powerful impact may last even longer.

About the Director

Ghassan Salhab
Born in Dakar, Senegal to Lebanese parents in 1958, Salhab has previously directed several features, including the war story "Beyrouth Fantôme," the ensemble drama "Terra Incognita" and a vampire thriller," The Last Man." In addition to numerous short films and videos, he has also published stories in various magazines.


Ghassan Salhab
Ghassan Salhab
Michele Tyan
Raed El Khazen, Mazzy Star, Richard Skelton
Sarmad Louis
Fadi Abi Samra

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