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Cinema In Motion: A Youth Animation Workshop

Cinema In Motion: A Youth Animation Workshop

Start date:
21 January 2024
Ability Level:

Doha Film Institute, in collaboration with DADU, Children's Museum of Qatar, is thrilled to present a youth-focused workshop that explores the exciting world of stop-motion animation. This hands-on interactive programme blends theory and practice to introduce participants to the art of storytelling through a classic animation technique. The workshop is a unique opportunity for young people to develop their creativity, teamwork, and communication skills while exploring the rewarding artistic outlet of filmmaking.

Throughout ten dynamic sessions, the workshop delves into the intricacies of stop-motion, including story development and using the three-act structure. Participants will engage in brainstorming sessions, character creation, and narrative development. Working together, they will apply what they've learned to produce a short film, showcasing their collaborative efforts and the newfound animation skills they've acquired. More than just an educational experience, this workshop is a journey into the art of bringing imaginative stories to life, nurturing a sense of accomplishment and creative achievement.

Ability Level: Beginner
Age group: 8 − 12 years old
Language: English and Arabic
Dates: 21 January − 3 February 2024
Location: Dadu’s Garden Atelier classroom

Daily Sessions from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM (Except on Tuesdays and Fridays)

How to apply:
Applicants should submit an email to before 18 January 2024.

Meet the Mentor

Fadi Syriani

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Fadi Syriani is an animator, writer, director, and holder of a master’s degree in architecture. In 2018, Fadi founded the Youth Animation Platform (YAP), offering young talents the opportunity to tell their stories through animation. As a YAP Lead Mentor, Fadi offers young filmmakers hands-on training in all the elements required to produce animated films and different kinds of animated art. Since its inception, YAP has held several on-site as well as online workshops in Lebanon and the MENA Region, with cultural institutions such as Metropolis Art Cinema, Dar El Nimer for Arts & Culture, Jameel Arts Center, Al Serkal Avenue, Warehouse 421, FUNN Sharjah, Al Ittihad Schools, and the Doha Film Institute among others.

In 2020, YAP received a grant as part of the AFAC Training and Regional Events Grants Program 2019. The project was completed in April 2022 and consisted of 11 animation workshops supporting young, unprivileged talents to produce short, animated films in Beirut as well as in remote areas across Lebanon. The workshops were held in collaboration with different institutions and centres in refugee camps in several regions in Lebanon. Fadi is currently working on his animated short film ‘The Day Vladimir Died’. The film was awarded a Doha Film Institute Cinema Grant for Production and four awards at the Animarkt Stop Motion Forum—Lodz, Poland (October 2020).