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Mime and Pantomime

Start date:
Jun 12, 2011
7 Days
Ability Level:
Beginner. Over 16 years old

Registration Closed

Mime Art is the art of captivating people, simulating real theatre, and translating poetry, word and literature into a global language universally understood.

The Doha Film Institute is proud to host Essam Ali and his wonderful Mime and Pantomime workshop.

It is a visual and sensual art raised by the artist to the level of art expression and visual cinematic art, which amazes and captivates the audience. Mime is about movement, gesture, spacing and formation in the theatrical space. It is the art of captivating people, and the art of real simulation of the theatre, and it translates the poetry, word, and literatures into a global language which all people understand. The mime artist has a flexible body and rhythmic sense of the scene he or she is performing, a musical ear and the sense to see invisible things, so he or she can reflect them through their faces, hands, fingers and feet.

Essam will take the students through an intensive process starting with the basics and quickly advancing to a group performance at the end of the 7 days.

Dates: June 12 – 18
Hours: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Language: Arabic
Location: Katara, Doha

Essam Ali
Essam Ali is an Iraqi artist based in Amman. He graduated from Baghdad University and has been working as an expert mime artist since. He work experience has included periods as a consultant with many NGOs and international organizations. He is also a playwright, actor, director, and producer for Radio, theater and TV.

Submissions close June 7th at Midnight.