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2017 - Workshop & Labs

2017 – Workshop & Labs

  • Producers Lab


    Doha Film Institute recognises the rise of emerging talent in the region and the fundamental role producers play in defining, supporting and influencing the...

  • Editing with Alex Bushe


    In this five-day course, students learn the skills needed to operate in a professional environment as a film editor...

  • Cinematography with Marcus Zaiser


    This seminar teaches participants the advanced knowledge of cinematography all the way from the preparation...

  • Grip with Marcus Zaiser


    The key grip is a problem-solver. This seminar teaches participants how to realise complex camera movements...

  • Lighting with Marcus Zaiser


    In this seminar, participants improve their skills in working with light in a creative way...

  • Colour Grading with Tashi Trieu: Davinci Resolve Training Course


    The course provides an introduction to colour grading and the popular grading software, DaVinci Resolve. It is the ideal course for editors, digital imaging...

  • Hezayah Screenwriting Lab


    The Hezayah Screenwriting Lab is organised by the Doha Film Institute in collaboration with the TorinoFilmLab. The lab is designed to assist emerging...

  • Short Documentary Lab


    Making a documentary is much more than simply filming what surrounds us. It can be a way of understanding the world, a tool to make it a better place, an art...

  • Toon Boom-Certified Training Course


    This course takes you through the core concepts of Harmony and Storyboard Pro in order for you to understand their basic uses. You will also be...

  • Master Class: A Brief History of German Cinema


    Eight films will be shown during this German Film Week. They were made between 1926 and 2015 – a period of nearly nine decades. During that time, three...

  • Short Scriptwriting Lab


    Working in partnership with TorinoFilmLab, the Doha Film Institute’s Short Scriptwriting Lab is designed to assist new and emerging screenwriters and...