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Richard III - Trailer

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Richard III – Synopsis:

The War of the Roses is over. Or so it seems…

England has just endured its bloodiest civil war with the house of York claiming victory and the crown from the house of Lan

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caster. It seems that peace will now reign with King Edward. However, the seeds of hate have been sewn deep in England’s war scorched earth, and this peace has been built on post war resentment and grudges which are neither forgiven nor forgotten.

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, brother to King Edward, had found his calling in those times of war. Although deformed since birth, he has been instrumental in the victory of the house of York over Lancaster. Feeling he has been cast aside now he has served his purpose, he yearns for conflict and revenge. Now, he has turned his attention to creating a war within in order to fulfill his “secret close intent’: to become the King of England. Richard will lie, cheat and kill to make this ambition a reality. In this time of peace, no one is safe.

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