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Days of Glory - FPS

Hollywood has announced its Academy Awards and among the nominees for best foreign film was acclaimed French director Rachid Bouchareb’s Days of Glory.

Bouchareb and his co-writer Olivier Lorelle join The Fabulous Picture Show to discuss their acclaimed war-time drama, which pays homage to the North African soldie

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rs who fought for their French ‘fatherland’ during World War II.

Beginning in a small Algerian village, a group of novice recruits soon learn of the injustice and racism they face as ‘second-class soldiers’, when they see their French counterparts promoted and given preferential treatment.

The film sparked widespread debate about the unequal treatment of French and North African war veterans. Jacques Chirac, the French president, and his wife Bernadette were reportedly so moved by Bouchareb’s story, that the government changed its policy this year, increasing the pensions of North African veterans to bring them in line with those of French soldiers.

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