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HEZAYAH Students from the first workshop continue developing their skills through a second phase

Sep 26, 2012

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Doha, 25 September 2012: As part of a programme of workshops conducted by GDU (gulf development unit) for new Qatari screenwriters who have not had any formal film training, the second four-day workshop in the HEZAYAH Screenwriting project returned back.

Students from the first workshop returned to pitch and develop their treatments and scripts, which they have been developing since July. Christian Routh and Ziad Doueiri also both returned as mentors, and have been working with the students via email and skype since the last HEZAYAH workshop in July to fine-tune their treatments and scripts.

In the first workshops, the participants took tutorials together in groups, to help develop their critical faculties, nurture trust, understanding, and a team spirit. For the second series of workshops, the focus was more on individual project tutorials, so that we can try to make significant progress in a relaxed and intimate environment. There was also thematic screenings of Classic movies, followed by discussions and analysis.