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Doha Film Institute signs MoU with Qatar Esport Federation to support the fast-growing e-gaming community in Qatar

Jun 20, 2023

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Doha, Qatar, 20 June 2023: Doha Film Institute has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with Qatar Esport Federation (QESF) with the goal of promoting the fast-growing electronic gaming community in the country and establishing a culture of creativity and innovation in the sector for athletes.

This will support the thriving gaming industry in the Middle East, and position Qatar as a hub for the sector. With the region’s e-gaming sector growing at a compound annual growth rate of 24.5 per cent, three times faster than China, it is also reported that the region has one of the highest share of gaming mobile app downloads at 50 percent compared to the global average of 40 percent.

The MoU was signed by H.E Sheikh Abdullah Bin Faleh Al Thani, president of Qatar Esport Federation and Fatma Hassan AlRemaihi, Chief Executive Officer of Doha Film Institute, at a ceremony held at the popular Geekend in Lusail Boulevard.

Through the agreement, the two entities will join hands to strengthen the electronic games industry in Qatar and provide valuable support to aspiring entrepreneurs in this dynamic field. They will also leverage their collective expertise and resources to propel the growth and development of the gaming sector in Qatar and beyond.

Doha Film Institute and QESF share common objectives to support gaming enthusiasts with a clear path for professional progression, promote Esports locally and internationally, and increase its awareness as a true sport.

H.E Sheikh Abdullah Bin Faleh Al Thani, president of Qatar Esport Federation said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Doha Film Institute, as we join forces to nurture the electronic gaming community and pave the way for our entrepreneurs to thrive in their professional journeys. Our unwavering dedication lies in elevating the local esports community, propelling this industry towards a heightened level of professionalism. Our talented individuals have already demonstrated exceptional skills and capabilities, and through this collaboration with DFI, they will acquire the necessary expertise to excel and solidify their presence on the global stage. With great anticipation, we eagerly await the fruitful outcomes of this remarkable partnership”.

In the same context, Mr. Faisal Abdulrahman Khalid, the QESF Assistant Secretary General said this agreement goes with the QESF’s strategy to join hands with government institutions to develop the mental sports among youngsters and do the best to establish national teams that will represent the country at the international arenas, this is just a first step to a series of agreements to come in the future, we hopefully it can help increase Qatari community awareness about the e-gaming ”.

Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, Chief Executive Officer of Doha Film Institute, stated: “Doha Film Institute continues its strategic partnerships with national and international institutions to strengthen Qatar’s artistic and cultural landscape. We are pleased to sign this agreement with the Qatar Esports Federation to contribute to supporting our generations, broadening their horizons and opening new doors for them to meet their aspirations as part of our vision and mission to support all creative sectors and youth in Qatar and the region.”

Abdulla Al Mosallam, Chief Administrative Officer at DFI, said: “The MoU with Qatar Esport Federation is a milestone in our commitment to promoting the creative gaming industry and positioning Qatar as a hub for the fast-growing sports. With a dynamic young population, the gaming sector is emerging as one of the most popular engagements for youth. Our goal is to build the Esport community, dedicated to supporting amateur athletes into professionalism, and provide them an enabling environment for creating gaming enterprises. This will contribute to Qatar’s reputation as a pop-culture hub, demonstrated by the success of 10 years of Geekdom.”

Through Geekdom, Doha Film Institute is strengthening the community of Esport enthusiasts offering them a major platform to show their talents and reach out to the wider audience. They are a major pillar of DFI’s programs to support the creative community.

Qatar Esport Federation (QESF) supports the development of electronic gaming in Qatar by creating educational and training programmes and initiatives which positively engage youth, and fosters the growth and development of local Esports scene in Qatar.