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Doha Film Institute partners with Globally Renowned VIA University College Denmark to offer world-class animation training

Aug 11, 2019

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  • Partnership will see VIA University College’s acclaimed animation school – The Animation Workshop –deliver education and training to emerging animation professionals in Qatar
  • Qatari Filmmaker Hassan Al-Jahni selected as first Qatari resident at The Animation Workshop in Denmark

Doha, Qatar – 11 August 2019: The Doha Film Institute (DFI) has announced a new and innovative partnership with VIA University College Denmark’s premier animation school – The Animation Workshop (TAW) – to offer world-class education and training to nurture the next generation of animation professionals in Qatar. Through the partnership, DFI hopes to promote, strengthen, and expand animation as a cinematic art form in Qatar and the wider region, and help support the development of a dynamic animation community.

The partnership will see TAW and DFI deliver a five-part programme that includes an artist residency for Qatari animators at TAW’s campus in Denmark; a series of practical labs and workshops for aspiring animators in Doha with programmes on VR and VFX and the establishment of a think tank that will research and develop guidelines on children’s animated TV programmes in Qatar.

Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, Chief Executive Officer of the Doha Film Institute, said: “Animation and motion capture, the new frontiers in cinema, highlights the evolution of this rapidly-evolving technology which has opened doors to new and unlimited possibilities in content creation. From film to advertising and social media engagement, animation offers exciting career opportunities and has the potential to evolve into something much bigger. Even though the Qatari animation industry is still in the formative stages, the interest the medium has gained from local filmmakers signals strong growth over the coming years and we are confident they will pave the way for a major presence in the global market. Our partnership underlines our commitment to provide the best in knowledge & resources to the Qatari community, and to strengthen their skills in an industry that is undergoing a fascinating transformation.”

Morten Thorning, Chief Executive Officer of The Animation Workshop, VIA University College said: “Imagination, creativity and innovation are tools that are much needed in the future as they are the foundation of humanity’s existence on planet earth. Per definition, animation is always trying to create something new or unique, trying to explain complicated feelings, complicated processes or complicated stories. My wish for our partnership with DFI is to create programs and activities that can enhance animation, creativity and imagination among professionals, students and youth generations in Qatar and beyond.”

To mark the programme’s launch, DFI has selected emerging local filmmaker Hassan Al-Jahni as the first Qatari artist in residence at TAW’s campus in Denmark. Al-Jahni is currently working on a short animation film, “Emsahar”, about a young girl who battles her fear of the dark to save her dying grandmother. The film is a recipient of the Qatari Film Fund’s Fall 2018 cycle. Al-Jahni will work on the film’s development during his residency at TAW in 2020, where he will have access to the highly skilled industry consultants from around the world.

The Animation Workshop, which is part of VIA University College in Denmark, is one of the world’s leading animation schools, founded in 1988. It has educated and trained animators for the Danish as well as the international animation, computer game, and visual effects industry and has a strong international network of artists, professionals, companies, funding institutions, and partner schools. In 2016, the school was featured among The Top 20 Schools to Hire From as selected by Animation Magazine and was ranked among the Top 100 Schools for Animation, Gaming, and Design and 14th among International Animation Schools by the Animation Career Review in 2014.

For more information about the opportunities available for Qatar-based filmmakers through DFI’s partnership with TAW, visit: