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Doha Film Institute Celebrates Nation’s Vibrant Cinema Industry with Competition Screenings of Made in Qatar Films

Feb 17, 2024

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  • Dedicated to nurturing local talent, ‘Made in Qatar’ offers Qatari and Qatar-based filmmakers a platform to showcase their unique creativity and perspectives
  • Public screenings will be held from Feb 22-25 at VOX Cinemas, Doha Oasis Mall

Doha, Qatar; February 17, 2024: Celebrating Qatar’s vibrant and fast-evolving cinema ecosystem, the Doha Film Institute will host a special Competition screenings of Made in Qatar films. Directed by Qatari nationals and those who call Qatar home, the films will be shown on February 20 and 21 by invitation only at VOX Cinemas, Doha Oasis Mall in Msheireb. Winners of the competition will be announced after the screenings on Feb. 21.

Public screenings of the programme will run from Feb 22-25 at Vox Cinemas, Doha Oasis Mall. Please visit: for more information and box office details.

Doha Film Institute’s Made in Qatar programme has become an internationally recognised and celebrated initiative that shines a spotlight on the country’s film industry. Dedicated to nurturing local talent, the programme offers Qatari and Qatar-based filmmakers a platform to showcase their unique creativity and perspectives through cinema.

Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, Chief Executive Officer of Doha Film Institute, said: “Made in Qatar has helped build a robust cinema industry in Qatar, encouraging emerging filmmakers in the country to pursue their dreams and realise their ambitions. Nurturing homegrown talent is a top priority and commitment of the Institute in realizing our leadership’s vision to build our talents and provide them with an enriching environment. The programme plays a pivotal role in the development of a vibrant and sustainable film community in the rich cultural landscape of Qatar, and to foster a new generation of storytellers and cinematic voices from the heart of the Middle East. Made in Qatar films also play a significant role in portraying our stories – of our nation, people, culture and hopes – authentically to global audiences.”

The 14 shorts will vie for the Made in Qatar Awards, chosen by a jury led by director and producer Tala Hadid, and includes actress Yassmine Al Masri and Dr. Firat Oruc from Georgetown University in Qatar.

Competition films screening in Made in Qatar – Programme 1 on February 20 are:

  • A Simple Cut (Qatar) directed by Maha Al-Jefairi is about 14-year-old Kholoud’s rebellious haircut, which spirals into a series of misadventures, challenging cultural norms and reshaping her relationship with her traditional mother.
  • The Chandelier (Egypt, Qatar) by Karim Emara shows how preparations for an impending and important job interview turn into a chaotic comedy with demanding in-laws and the relentless march of time.
  • Civilization of Equality (Qatar) by Ibrahim Albuainain features a colourful group of animals spontaneously uniting to ‘sing’ harmoniously in a heartwarming yet earnest attempt to educate their human counterparts on the value of peace and equality.
  • When It’s Time (Qatar) by Awad Hashim Karrar is a documentary that delves into the intricate relationship between a father and son, exploring their perspectives on mortality as Awad grapples with his father’s battle against cancer.
  • A Few Seconds (Iran, Qatar) by Arman Mansouri is set in a sanctions-stricken Iran, where a determined single mother navigates Tehran’s dangerous black market, racing against time to find life-saving medical dressings for her daughter.
  • Fraiha (Qatar) by Amal Al-Shammari and Hossein Heydar is the touching tale of Amal and her mother, Fraiha, who, despite her own illiteracy—becomes the cornerstone of her daughter’s academic achievements and success.
  • Sanad (Qatar) by Noor Al-Nasr is the story of Jassim who is forced to make a stop at a campsite after learning about his estranged brother Ali’s wild behaviour.

Films screening in Made in Qatar – Programme 2 on February 21are:

  • A’wan Al Kheir (Egypt, Qatar) by Farah Gomaa is an observational documentary that explores the lives of Egyptian women living together. Amidst their seemingly ordinary routines, their hidden battles with health conditions unfold, revealing resilience and strength in the face of adversity.
  • A Proposal (Qatar) by Nadia Al-Khater is about a young Qatari man, who dreams of marrying his American fiancé. However, he must first face a panel who holds his fate in their hands.
  • Do You Remember Me? (Qatar) directed by Maryam Al-Mohammed follows a South Asian nurse living in Doha with her ailing mother, who finds herself in a challenging position. Torn between her filial duties and professional obligations, Areesha grapples with the weight of her sacrifices.
  • Fragments (Qatar) by Zaid Al Najati is an experimental film that uses emotive visuals and sounds of an old house to immerse viewers in the timeless beauty of forgotten memories.
  • Awal Yom ‘Aza’ (Qatar) by Jehad Hallaq is about Sarah, who discovers a cryptic letter at her mother’s funeral, and sets out to find the mysterious Noor, leading to a surprising family revelation.
  • Kinship (Qatar) by Ali Alhajri is about Khalid and Noura who are expecting their first newborn. But instead of being overcome with joy, Khalid finds himself awash with unsettling fear and uncertainty as he comes face-to-face with his past.
  • Above the Tamarind Tree (Qatar) by Buthyna Al-Mohammadi is about an introverted Qatari girl who ventures into a wild valley, risking her life to reclaim her precious necklace from a mischievous parrot.