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Doha Film Institute Brazil Cinema Showcase: Elena to screen in April at the MIA

Apr 20, 2014

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Doha, Qatar, April 20, 2014: Doha Film Institute’s Qatar Brazil 2014 Cinema Showcase in partnership with the Qatar Museums Authority continues this month with the most watched Brazilian documentary of 2013, ‘Elena’ by Petra Costa. The screenings will take place at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) auditorium on Thursday 24th April and Friday 25th April at 7pm each night. ‘Elena’ is a beautiful piece of work; elegant, poetic, visually stunning. It portrays love and loss in a poetic and delicate cinematography style.

‘Elena’, a young Brazilian woman, travels to New York with the same dream her mother had: to become a movie actress. She leaves behind a childhood spent in hiding during the years of military dictatorship. She also leaves Petra, her seven-year-old sister. Two decades later, Petra follows in Elena’s footsteps – she also becomes an actress and heads for New York in search of her sister. She has few clues about Elena’s whereabouts: home movies, newspaper clippings, a diary and some letters. At any moment, Petra expects to find Elena strolling through the streets in a silk blouse. Gradually, the features of the sisters are confused; we can no longer tell one from the other. When Petra finally finds Elena in an unexpected place, she must learn to let her go.

The monthly programme of Brazilian films is presented in partnership with the Qatar Museums Authority to celebrate the Qatar Brazil 2014 Year of Culture. The initiative will continue throughout 2014 on the last weekend of each month, presenting a selection of exceptional classic and contemporary films that highlight the rich diversity of Brazil’s cinematic history and bring audiences unforgettable works from internationally renowned directors.

Tickets are now on sale at and at the MIA DFI Ticket Outlet*. Tickets are priced at QAR 35 for general public and a special discounted rate of QAR 25 for students.

For more information, please visit and look out for the next installment of screenings for the coming months.