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DFI supports Northwestern Screening of Microphone

Jun 07, 2012

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June 7, 2012: Doha Film Institute supported the screening of the film, “Microphone” organized by Northwestern on Tuesday 6 June. The Director, Ahmad Abdalla was present at the screening and answered a number of questions from the students.

This film is the start of a growing relationship between DFI and Northwestern to help educators organize screenings and Q+A’s with filmmakers on campuses and schools / colleges. DFI can bring its extensive network of international and regional filmmakers into Qatar’s education system, to bring the film industry to students and aspiring filmmakers in Qatar.

Ahmad Abdalla commented on his film in the Q&A session by saying: “I think the film reflects the situation in many countries around the world that’s why I was very interested to come and communicate with students and learn more about how people here see this film from their perspective and how they look at the underground art seen.”

DFI is strengthening collaborations with Northwestern, CCQ, Qatar University and Qatar Academy. These opportunities offer a great platform to engage and educate people on film and making of film from the prospective of the directors and filmmakers.