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Arden’s Wake: Tide Fall

Director: Eugene YK Chung
Production: Penrose Studios (Eugene YK Chung, Alicia Vikander)
Main Cast: Alicia Vikander, Richard Armitage
Music: Ryan Shore
Running Time: 27 min

Meena lives with her father in a lighthouse perched atop an endless sea. Ever since her mother died in a shipwreck when she was little, she has been forbidden to go into the water. One day, when her father goes missing during one of his dives, she ventures deep into the sea to rescue him. However, the monsters that lurk beneath the surface cannot all be seen. Meena must face her past and fraught relationship with her father if she wants to survive.

Director’s Statement:
Tide’s Fall is the second chapter of the story Arden’s Wake, a VR story about a young woman who embarks on a dangerous journey in a post- apocalyptic world. Her story is of self-discovery and growth, inspired by the universal realisation in our lives when we recognise that our parents are human too.


Director and Writer: Eliza McNitt
Producer: Jess Engel, Dylan Golden, Arnaud Colinart
Executive Producer: Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel
Narrated by: Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain, Patti Smith
Music: Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Series overview: Space is not silent. In fact it is full of sound. For thousands of years we’ve looked to the stars to find our place in the Universe, but for the first time we listen to its music. SPHERES is a three chapter journey to uncover the hidden songs of the cosmos. This award winning experience premiered at Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, Telluride, and received the Grand Prize in VR at the Venice Film Festival.

Chapter I: Chorus of the Cosmos
Running Time: 12 min
Planet Earth sings. In this interactive VR experience, we discover the Universe through sound. Our solar system becomes an instrument and we listen to its music. Narrated by Millie Bobby Brown.

Chapter II: Songs of Spacetime
Running Time: 12 min
Dive into the heart of a black hole to uncover the breakthrough discovery of gravitational waves. Fall into the darkness, and you will find the light. Narrated by Jessica Chastain.

Chapter III: Pale Blue Dot
Running Time: 12 min
The Big Bang was silent. Then came sound. Journey from the edge of the cosmos to uncover the strangest song of all. Narrated by Patti Smith.

Director’s biography
McNitt is a writer and director (born on August 23, 1991 in the USA). From astronauts to astrophysicists, McNitt works alongside scientists to explore the cosmic collision of science and art. Her work has premiered at festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Cannes NEXT, Tribeca, and the Venice Film Festival. SPHERES made history at Sundance as the world’s first acquisition of a VR experience.