Dari Qatar


A year in the making.

Throughout 2016, people across our great nation submitted video clips for the Dari Qatar project, and we at the Doha Film Institute wove them together to create a tapestry of daily life in Qatar.

The premiere screening of this hugely successful portrait of Qatar took place at Katara Cultural Village, with a red carpet event for Qatar’s dignitaries and officials, as well as for all who contributed to this amazing project.

Then, the film was shown to the public for a limited time on cinema screens in Doha at Novo Cinemas, and the response from the community was nothing short of overwhelming.

If you have not had the opportunity yet to see ‘Dari Qatar’, don’t miss seeing it in the open air – Saturday, 21 January at 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM in the Museum of Islamic Art Park!

Questions? Please contact us as marketing@dohafilminstitute.com

Dari Qatar: A film by all of us


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